EFT Couples Workshops are Wonderful

In addition to her book  Hold Me Tight® (http://holdmetight.net/buy_the_book.php), Dr. Susan Johnson has also developed a Hold Me Tight®–7 Conversations for a Life-time if Love protocol for couples education workshops.

We are pleased to announce that Couples Therapy Spokane has plans in process to offer an EFT based Couples Retreat on Lake Coeur d’ Alene in the spring  of 2016.  Additionally, we will begin offering EFT Couples Small Group workshops (limited to 2 to 4 couples) in  May of  2015.  So, please contact us by email or leave me a phone message if you are interested in more information about attending a Hold Me Tight® EFT group class, an EFT retreat, or if you would like for us to arrange such a program for your business, church, or organization. I will add you to  my contact list only for this purpose.

melaniemorlan@gmail.com  (509) 838-5661

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