Circle of Security Parent Education Programs


The Circle of Security Parent Education Program is effective and research based.  This protocol will change your perspective, increase your awareness, decrease your distress and help you build deeper, closer bonds with your children and your family.

Circle of Security Parent and Caregiver Education services are provided by Melanie E. Morlan MA:

  •  Private and group classes are presented utilizing the Circle of Security Parent Education DVD protocol and supplemental materials.
    • Private classes for individuals, couples or a private group of friends.
    • Public group class size is limited to 12.
    • Fees vary depending on number of students attending classes. (Please call to inquire).
    • For other questions, inquiry about public, private group or private individual sessions please call (509) 838-5661.
  • This program is well suited for care providers attending to children of all ages.  The presentation is geared toward the needs of each unique group in attendance…….raising children of all ages including teens and adult-children.
  • Watch a short video introduction to the program below:

    Please call or email me to schedule a free 20 minute consultation about this class, sign-up and for more information.  509-838-5661.

The following quote has been reprinted from the Circle of Security Website.

“The Circle of Security® is circling the globe as  an intervention to help parents raise their children with love, warmth, and emotional  intelligence. The four researcher/clinicians who invented this important new  and effective program are themselves filled with these positive traits and a  huge dose of common sense and devotion to the well-being of others. These  innovators have created a readily accessible and engaging approach to helping  parents………………,  in ways that  break the old, destructive patterns of parenting that so often have been  learned by difficult childhood experiences in the past. Cited from England to  India, the Circle of Security™ offers new hope for making the hard earned  wisdom of attachment research available to clinicians helping parents heal old  wounds and building new options for the next generation.”

Daniel J. Siegel, M.D.
Faculty, Center for Culture, Brain, and Development
Associate Clinical Professor
UCLA School of Medicine

( This quote has been reprinted from the Circle of Security website Spokane Washington)


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