Parents and Families

I provide adult family counseling as well as family counseling involving children and adolescents.  For consultations involving only adult family members please call me to discuss details.  509-838-5661

Steps to Family Therapy (with children and adolescents):

  1. Parent or Parents schedule a free consultation.
  2. If we determine we are a good fit to work together I will collaborate with you to design a treatment plan and goals to fit your needs.  I  utilize Emotionally Focused Family Therapy based interventions.
  3. Parenting Education only option (Excellent option for all parents who are new or struggling with recurrent issues)
  4. As a Registered Circle of Security (COS) Parent Educator, I also offer one on one or group parent education programs utilizing the COS- 8 week Program.   (I do not present Circle of Security Parent Education as therapy………It is a structured, engaging informative protocol which I present with written materials, interactive dialog and wonderful DVD based step by step education.)  This is an enjoyable and educational opportunity for any parents wanting to develop better parenting habits and a deeper understanding of the research behind good parenting.

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