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Welcome to Couples Therapy Spokane.

(509) 838-5661   Call to schedule a  consultation today. 

If you are visiting this site chances are you are struggling with an important relationship and you need some help, support and hope. 

Well, you may be pleased to hear that the profession of marriage and family therapy is  in the middle of a transformation.  This is good news for all of us who want healthier relationships with our most important people. We finally have uncovered many of the keys to the science of loving relationships and how to properly attend to them so they stay healthy and last.  The research is exploding in the field of relational therapy.  For one thing, data indicates that Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) has some of the best best long-term results in correcting relational distress between couples and strengthening lifetime attachment bonds between loving partners.  We also offer services for individuals including relationship counseling, career counseling and wellness/lifestyle  coaching.

Please continue reading below for hope and inspiration.  You will find a great collection of attachment, humor, relationship and  educational videos evocative of love and nurturing or click on our drop down menu above for specific services.

(509) 838-5661     To  decide if we are a good fit to work together I invite you to call me  for a no-charge phone consultation.  I also offer 30-40 minute in-person consultations at my office.


  Melanie E. Morlan MA……………….. A Relationship Specialist

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A compelling new article “The Tao of Anger Management” with Christian Conte

In this compelling and intriguing new article The Tao of Anger Management with Christian Conte. the opportunity to begin

couple fighting

the process of therapy by focusing on the core of pure empathy and attunement with another suffering human being is presented.  Christian Conte shares the need for others to: “Just imagine if everyone in your life defined you by your worst moment, that this moment accompanied you like a badge of shame throughout your life, limiting all future possibilities, including your hopes and dreams.”

Using examples of extreme cases of anger and violent behavior from his years of working with convicts he draws a picture of the need for new methods of compassion and empathy for struggling individuals and society at large.  He shares his fascinating method of therapy which is based on “Yield Theory”.  A theory rooted in principles of ancient Taoism.  


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“The Other Imperfect Bird”

Flying birdsA friend shared this lovely poem that speaks to  the importance  of recognizing the imperfection that lives in every relationship.

Listening to the Koln Concert ~ by Robert Bly

” After we had loved each other intently,
we heard notes tumble together,
in late winter, and we heard ice
falling from the ends of twigs.

The notes abandon so much as they move.
They are the food not eaten, the comfort
not taken, the lies not spoken.
The music is my attention to you.

And when the music came again,
late in the day, I saw tears in your eyes.
I saw you turn your face away
So that others would not see.

When men and women come together,
how much they have to abandon. Wrens
make their nests of fancy threads
and string ends, animals

abandon all their money each year.
What is it that men and women leave?
Harder than wren’s doing, they have
to abandon their longing for the perfect.

The inner nest not made by instinct
will never be quite round,
and each has to enter the nest

made by the other imperfect bird. “


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